Just a quick update


I turned 30, finalized my divorce, and got a new job- all within a week!

I’ll write more later!

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My new bike

I got a bike! 2 weeks ago!

A friend helped me search Craigslist for it, looked at it, and helped me get it home.

I had to wait several days until my helmet came in and then on a Saturday morning, we set out for a short ride and ended up doing 18 miles.


I had a great time! I’ve done some solo city rides and a few rides with friends along the river. I am really going to enjoy it this summer

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An Orange Candle

Turn an orange into a candle!

All you need is an orange (or grapefruit or lemon), a knife, and any type of oil like vegetable or olive oil.

Orange Candle.

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Bake Cupcakes in Ice Cream Cones

Bake Cupcakes in Ice Cream Cones.

Do you like baking cupcakes… or heck eating cupcakes??   These are so cute!!!   Click to see the picture!

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