The Downtown Doubler

I didn’t run the Louisville Downtown Doubler Sunday, but I had fun.

Downtown Doubler

Earlier this summer, I had plans to run the 15K race- but training this summer was almost impossible for me with this heat and my summer school schedule. Two weeks ago, I got an email from River City Races asking for volunteers for the Downtown Doubler. She offered a technical shirt and free entry into the Polar Bear Grand Prix races this winter. Considering that I knew several people who were planning on running and that I wanted to run the Grand Prix, I though why not? Then, I got the email response to be there by 6:30! Ugh!

Downtown Doubler

I woke up at 5am, but it wasn’t that bad. I was out the door at 6 and there by 6:20. It was still dark! I was stationed behind the pre-registration table handing out shirts to the people that had been the first 400 to sign up. Not everyone got a shirt, so we had to repeat that phrase a lot! And some people didn’t want the size that they signed up for, so it was a little annoying. We had no authority to make decisions and we had no clue how many extras there were- if any.

Downtown Doubler

View of the long line for the 4 port-a-pots! I heard several complaints about the lack of toilets. I witnessed about 20-30 people still in line after the race started. The organizer said that 600 had signed up, and was a LOT more than expected from past years. I think a lot more people are training for Fall half and full marathons, than usual. This race was 15K or 30K (hence the “doubler”).

Downtown Doubler

Here’s the starting line. Both races started at the same time and the same place. But the doubler’s had a different finish line.

View at the starting line:
Downtown Doubler

While I was helping with the shirts, most of the other volunteers helped with the water and bagels.
Downtown Doubler

Now, we just waited about an hour before the first runners came by!
Downtown Doubler

I was waiting behind the finish line, near the water tables. I saw @mudd4goals afterward. We hadn’t met each other before, so it was nice to finally meet another twitter friend in real life. We also spotted @MikeCampbellCFO and @thelynnied. They race re-capped! We talked about other races and training. And lots of other things. Needless to say, I didn’t do much “volunteering”.

Downtown Doubler

Around 9:30-9:45, we started to clean up and re-organize the tables. We took a lot of water and snacks over to the 30K finish line, as most of the 15k runners had already finished.

Downtown Doubler

I stayed behind with a few others at the 15K finish. We had several walkers stop by for water and also a lot of 30K runners who had finished, but were on their way back to their vehicles, and we offered more water and snacks.

Here’s the rest of my pictures on

Here’s other race re-caps:

After having gotten up at 5 that morning, and rushed downtown. And walked around like crazy helping out- I was worn out. We grabbed Qdoba for lunch, watched a little football, and then I had a nap. I was more exhausted when I got up. I felt like I had run that race. My body was playing tricks on me! Knees were sore and a raised temp! I went to bed before 10pm.

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3 Responses to The Downtown Doubler

  1. Yeah, I was one of those ones still in line for the toilet when the race started! But it was worth it, I ran much better :) Thanks for volunteering, I think that is a great thing to do, plus free entry into the Polar Bear races is pretty sweet! Sorry we didn’t bump into each other, we’ll have to plan a place to meet up sometime! Thanks for linking to my recap too :)

  2. Jennifer Durrett says:

    I am totally in the picture labeled ‘view at the starting line.’
    I’m behind the chick in the neon yellow sports bra in the pink shirt and black shorts.
    Too weird!

  3. Erica says:

    Jennifer! Wow, surprised you found yourself! I don’t even know if we knew each other back then!!!

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